GD Industries is a brand and media strategy company based in Cape Town, South Africa, which specialises in building brands and growing small businesses.

Our passion for brand building drives us to identify and establish efficient and cost-effective measures of marketing for your goods or services to your desired client base - i.e. we build and grow your business in a way that saves you time, money and convenience.

More importantly, we take the time to understand your business – helping us identify strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your target market. We then focus on the good and create solutions for the areas that need improvement.

Having worked with clients in a range of industries – including music, medical, education, corporate, cultural and more – we have a proven track record that emphasises our professionalism, credibility and effectiveness.

We play an influential role in the fields of:

Brand Strategy Consulting

Brand and media plays a vital role in the modern market, especially when it comes to brand growth, credibility, and exposure.

Website development

In the modern market, it’s imperative that your business has a website!


GD Industries boasts an experienced team when it comes to design. In order to be effective in your industry, you have to look the part.


Content Generation

GD Industries plans, produces and manages editorial and video content as they both play a vital role in corporate identity.

Media Development

GD Industries offers various services to help you develop an effective media business, which can lead to various internal and external benefits.

Social Media Management

GD Industries has the ability to manage all your social media accounts and duties, and maximise its business potential.